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July is Black Family Month
About Us

What is Black Family Month?

Black Family Month is the month of July.  It is a month that is dedicated to the enrichment of Black families through, education, health and self improvement.  

How do I celebrate Black Family Month?

That is up to you.  Some people hold or attend family reunions.  While others pledge to add an activity to their month, such as reading to their children, eating dinner with the family, taking a class you always wanted to take, make that yearly visit to the doctor for a check up.  Any activity that helps to make a strong healthy person is the perfect way to celebrate the month.   

Why do you have a celebration in NY?

We designate a weekend every year to hold a fair/picnic for people in the community. This is a way for families to get health information, network, have fun while spend time with their families.  Some families even hold their own reunions during the fair which is perfect! 

We encourage people to do the same while planning their family reunions throughout the U.S. Currently celebrations are held in Spartanburg South Carolina, New Jersey, Philadephia PA, and Clevland, OH.

Who started Black family month?

Shaun McLaughlin is the founder of this observance.  She realized that family reunions could be used for more than eating a lot of good food.  So she started convincing local organizations to attend family reunions to give free blood presure readings and remind parents to spend time reading to their children with book drives it grew from there. 


Where can I get Black Family Month Merchandise?

Currently we have pledges that may be downloaded free of charge.  We will incorporate tee shirts and posters in 2008. 

How do I enter the Poster contest?

Send us your picture it is that easy.  If we think it is the best we will use it. You get credit for the poster.  When you enter the contest you are giving the members/owners of Black family Month the right to use the design.

What do I get if I win the poster contest?

The satisfaction of knowing your poster was the best and a free poster of your own.   

How do I earn volunteer credits to use at school?

1). Get people to join our group or our myspace page.  2). Get people to sign a pledge for the month and send a copy to us. 3) send us an video or pictures of you participating at your event (family reunion, you , along with a note detailing what you did.  4). Enter our poster contest.  You may do any or all of these activities to earn your volunteer hours.

We will send you a signed letter stating you have helped in organizing the celebration of Black Family Month. Don't forget we need your address and full name. 

We have a formula for the amount of hours it takes to convince people to join the group see the table below (Through our own experience we know its not easy)


I have a great idea I want to share, who do I send it to?

We love to hear how you spent the month.  Send your emails to us so we can share it with everyone

email us at: 


I'm single how do I celebrate the month?

Do something with any family member or take that yoga class you always wanted to.  Remember the month is to be used to make a healthy person which in turn makes a healthy family. 

I would like to request an interview with the founder, how do I set up a time?

you may email Shaun McLaughlin directly at merrymakn@aol.com to request an interview. 

I would like to have a Black Family Month celebration picnic/fair in my neighborhood:

First check out our celebration list under "Ideas". Celebrating the month can be as easy as making a pledge and sticking to it for the month.  If you would like to have an actual event; look at our links page to get ideas on how to plan a reunion or party ideas. 

You may want to work with another family to get great services at a park for your reunion. The littleJohn, Smith and Williams famlies are holding their reunion at the same time in the same state park.  They will have free health screenings and more to add to the day!

Our Annual Celebration In NYC

July 14th 2007 Roy Wilken's Park, Queens NY

Check out our sponsors and who will be there!!! The list is growing so keep checking back.  If you would like to join us please email us.  We will be handing out FREE STUFF.   


Senitor Malcolm Smith

Mac's Vending

WBLS Party Van

Girls Inc.

Voting Registration

Circle of Sisters

PAL Senior Center &Teen Summer Program

NYC Adult Education


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